PSA Alphapals: fun and educational

Alphapals are an excellent gift for little ones. E got his when he was turning two, but I full-heartedly believe they’re a great gift for babies and kids probably up until… five… maybe six… or seven…? I don’t know, whichever age still likes to spell out words in big letters… so maybe even for adults! 😉

Alphapals are plush letters with smiley faces — which help little ones who are still learning which way the letter faces — and they come in sets or as individual letters. The sets are available in various colors but something I love? They have multiple neutral options with only the embroidered smiley faces being in rainbow colors!!! Additionally, the sets come in a bag of your choosing but ours is a big poof/pillow once full so Enzo gets more than one use out of them. Amazing.

We’ve recently been playing a matching game with big alphabet cards and his Alphapals, and it dawned on me that this is totally something other parents would benefit from knowing about PLUS, there’s just something extra cool for kids in playing with pillow letters. I caught E hugging a few of the letters when he found the correct match and…. well, my heart exploded. Here’s to the kids in your life loving Alphapals as much as we do!

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