Get outside asap

I’ll keep this one short and sweet… well, direct is probably a better word. We’ve been spending so much time outside lately — rain or shine — and there’s no better classroom.

Sometimes we bring toys (most frequently bubbles or balls), but often we are just walking around, looking at the different plants, listening for different sounds, identifying types of wildlife, and generally taking our sweet time. It is amazing to see how in tune littles can be when they’re outside taking in all there is to see, hear, smell, and on occasion even taste! As a parent, I LOVE watching Enzo learn and pick up on things he wouldn’t have a month ago… truly he inquires about the littlest of creepy crawlers and the loudest of birds (like the giant turkey that lives at our neighbor’s house) and watching him “grow up” in real time is amazing.

Bonus plus, going on an “adventure” outside is one of the easiest ways to shift the mood (like after a big meltdown) and allowing them to make the decisions of where you go and what you stop to look at — within reason — totally satisfies their need for control! So, get outside ASAP and as much as possible!

P.S. Fresh air (and sunshine when it’s out) is great for kids AND adults! 😉

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