camera covers: the tiniest accessory you never knew you needed

For the longest time I’ve been putting a sticky note over my camera on my laptop. I remove it for FaceTimes and Zoom calls, but generally have just felt that it’s smart to cover it… call me paranoid haha. Well in a recent conversation, my friend Stephanie mentioned that she has a little slide cover for her phone and I told her (and yes, this is a direct quote), “Ugh, that sounds like so much work.” I can admit that dramatic phrases do sometimes fall out of my mouth lol.

Here’s the thing, we — Stephanie and Kristin — saw a video and were talking about how the iPhone takes a photo of you every 5 seconds with the infrared camera to the left of the regular camera even when you’re not using Face ID. You can change your settings so that it doesn’t do that, but that impacts your ability to use Face ID and quite frankly… I use that a lot and want to be able to use it. But, on my lap top and on Baby E’s iPad there’s just the regular cameras that I also love to have covered… just for my own peace of mind.

Imagine my shock when I received an Amazon delivery a few days later from Stephanie of webcam cover slides, and to my surprise, I LOVE them. On your iPhone you have to make sure to place it correctly so that you don’t mess up the FaceID nor the regular camera lenses, but on my (fairly old) laptop and iPad, there’s only one lens to worry about. So easy, very affordable, not nearly as much work as I thought it would be (although on your iPhone it does take some getting used to because you have to switch between both cameras, you can’t have them both covered simultaneously), and they look a heck of a lot better than the sticky note I used to use on my computer.

The package I got came with 10 covers plus dust removers, wipes, etc. in a nice little plastic box. But honestly, a quick clean and they’re really easy to place… took less than 10 seconds. Literally. After a quick search on Amazon for “webcam cover slide” you’ll see there’s a lot of options but they all appear to be roughly the same so take your pick and enjoy a little more peace of mind for you and your family!

P.S. Thanks for turning me onto these covers, Stephanie!

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