See repeated (AKA angel) numbers all the time? Pause and do this…

When I watch a sunset (especially by the water), it is so easy to believe that the Universe, in all of that greatness, is sending me messages of love, support, and guidance.

My son, Enzo, was born at 4:44am. That’s said to be THE Angel Number… the number of the angels and protection. A psychic once told me that it was no coincidence that he was born at 4:44 to an “Anjelica,” after all, my name is typically spelled with a G rather than a J. That kind of stuff gives me goosebumps.

What are Angel Numbers? They’re repeating numbers used as a guide for deeper spiritual reflection or exploration. A sequence people often pay attention to who aren’t even necessarily in-tune with their spiritual side is 11:11; you’ve surely heard someone say — or even said it yourself — “it’s 11:11, make a wish!” Seeing the same sequences regularly is said to be a sign from the Universe of something in particular. While each source describes what the meaning is slightly differently, there’s some generally accepted overall meanings that are fun to look up when you are coming across the same sequences over and over. Just the other day I was constantly seeing 333, so I looked at this new Angel Numbers print my aunt Angie gave to me as part of my Mother’s Day gift, and it says, “333 Support: your spiritual guides are around you sending you love and support.” Funny enough, after I read that I felt incredibly comforted and also stopped seeing the number… almost like, once it was acknowledged and the message was received the Universe no longer needed to send it to me.

All that to say, if you’re like me, I see repeating numbers ALL the time and pre-Enzo I would pause for a moment and say a little affirmation, almost like an excuse for gratitude and speaking what I want into life. But, Angel Numbers have become that much more fun ever since Enzo arrived because I started saying the exact same phrase or mantra every single time we see them. Before he could speak he would clap with each word, and now he even says some of the words himself. Here’s ours, “Peace, love, health, safety, happiness, success, abundance, financial security and prosperity, learning all the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime, plus all the good positive things for our family (often we list family members names) and friends.” When it’s 4:44 we change the ending and say, “for Enzo Emilio Atebar.”

Whatever your beliefs, seeing repeated numbers will probably happen to you at some point (even if it’s just on the clock) so maybe take a moment to pause and make some affirmations or say some things you’re grateful for. If you have little ones, start including them too… maybe even with a phrase you use every single time as well so that they can get excited and participate (it really becomes like a game to find repeated numbers!) If nothing else, if you’re seeing the exact same numbers over and over, take a minute to type “### angel number meaning” into your search bar and see what message the Universe might be trying to send you. From personal experience, I can tell you that I’ve never once looked up an Angel Number meaning and not felt happy/pleased/lighter/supported afterwards. 🙂



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