A reminder about sales…

Take it from this kid who has more than enough toys but was having the most fun with a kitchen bowl, there’s no need to spend money (especially on nonessentials) just because there’s a sale. Promise!

Yesterday and today is Amazon’s Prime Day sale and while I purchased items that I had been considering for some time, I wanted to just write a short post reminding you that you can ignore this sale and every other sale out there if 1) you simply can’t afford to spend right now, 2) nothing that’s discounted is an actual “need,” 3) the sale percentage doesn’t justify the expenditure right now, or 4) literally any other reason that you don’t want to or can’t participate in the crazy amount of consumerism that’s so normal in our society.

No surprise, everything I purchased is for Enzo but none of it was toys… all necessities. The things I purchased I’ve literally had in my shopping cart for months in some cases, and once I checked the sale price, it made sense to get them right now as I know I’ll need them come Fall. For example, I bought a Portable Nebulizer that I’ve seen multiple moms use for their kiddos and I wanted to make sure to have that on hand when E starts school in September… the regular price is $69.99 and I got it for $39.99.  

Just remember, a store having a sale does NOT mean you need to hurry and go spend your hard earned money. And if you’re a parent thinking you NEED to make a “fun” purchase just because its on sale… you don’t. Kids only need so many toys (truly, I’ve read about kids living in perpetual overwhelm when there’s too much stuff to play with all the time.) So grab some items on the “needs list” if it works for your budget right now (or do what I do and add items to your cart as they come up so that when a sale comes around, you can easily check if those items are on sale that you’ve already vetted rather than just searching Amazon’s — or another store’s — infinite database of things to purchase!)  Or, just don’t check your email or your apps or the internet and let the sales pass so you’re not tempted 🙂

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