The Ultimate Fort Builder

Okay, that’s actually the name of this product, and I love it.

This weekend we built an igloo fort and while I use the term “we” lightly because the directions are a little challenging to understand when it comes to the very intricate connector pieces, it turned out “awesome” according to the big 2.5 year old. E had so many snacks, played so many games, enjoyed multiple light shows, and just thrived inside this relatively large fort. Both of use could almost, kind of fit in it. Haha.

The reason I wanted to share this particular set is due to the quality of the pieces. Even though it is plastic, the igloo fort was quite sturdy (we ended up throwing 4 heavier fleece blankets on top with no problem), and despite E having no idea how heavy and strong he is, the fort held up well. There are additional instructions for other types of forts too. 

What made the fort building extra magical was our projector lamp. E has always loved dinosaurs since day 1 and our kid-approved projector he got for Christmas last year made the whole weekend-long experience extra amazing. Get your fort builder set and projector lamp at the links below (FYI these are not affiliate links; I make no money from your purchase):

The Ultimate Fort Builder

Dinosaur LED Projector Lamp

Enjoy building forts with ages well past the toddler years with this cool fort builder set and super clear light projector. 🙂

P.S. Thank-you, Mimi — as E so affectionately calls her — for this gift and the car blanket we put on top.

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