If you breastfeed, take pictures

This particular shoot was in September 2021, just before Enzo’s first birthday. We were living in Arizona at the time and it was 100 degrees out. We were all sweating to death and I think E was parched by this time so he almost fell asleep while nursing.

I’m down to nursing two (okay, sometimes three) times per day. Believe me, that’s a BIG improvement. And for anyone who read the blog post about my doctor telling me it is probably time to quit because my body was strugglinggggg, I’m happy to report that this seems to be a doable amount that isn’t negatively impacting my spine.

The purpose of this post is simply to suggest to moms who breastfeed — whether it’s been an easy or difficult experience — to document the hell out of the process. I’m not sure when, but I imagine relatively soon (although, truthfully E has shown exactly zero signs of wanting to stop) I won’t be nursing anymore. And when that time comes, I am going to be SO glad I documented with lots of pictures… because man, I have immense pride for this chapter of my life. Actually, I should probably also start taking some short videos as well…

So, take the pictures, and if you ever have a professional family photoshoot DO NOT FORGET to ask for photos while you’re breastfeeding. Do not be too shy to ask, I promise photographers who work with families have had this request before. For me, I’ve done that at the end of family shoots and not only is E thrilled to nurse after having to endure a photo session — he HATES performing for photos — but these are photos I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

P.S. Another great way to commemorate your breastfeeding journey is with handmade jewelry.


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