A manifestation reminder

A couple years ago I got a White Sage Smudging Candle from Sage Moon Soaps on Etsy, and while I’ve used it many times, in many homes since, the beautiful cleansing prayer really hit me the other day and after sharing it with my best friend — who also said, “wow” because it hit her too — I thought I should share with you.

“All energies, no longer serving my greater good, are cleansed from this space. And all that is associated with JOY flourishes in its place. This or something greater.”

“This or something greater,” is the part that really stuck with me. In my opinion, having some sort of gratitude practice, some sort of meditation practice, and some sort of manifestation practice — and maybe for you those are all wrapped up into one — is so incredibly beautiful, healing, and grounding. But I love that that last line reminds you that no matter what you attempt to manifest out of your life, the Universe/God/Spirit/Higher Power might have something that much greater waiting for you.

So be grateful, be intentional with your energy and your thoughts, but also remember, what’s next could really be bigger and better than your wildest dreams. What an exciting and hopeful thought 🙂


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