Who knew towels could be so exciting!?

I know Summer is coming to an end, but I had to share this OUTSTANDING towel I got on Amazon… truly you should buy one for every member in your household.

We went to a community water park a couple weeks ago, and while I made sure to have most of the necessary things (swimsuit, sunglasses, snacks, water, change of clothes, sunscreen, etc.) somehow I completely forgot to grab a towel. Very luckily, a week prior I had added the striped towel you see in the photo to my son’s backpack and it came in clutch.

Here’s what I love:
  • Microfiber so it is super absorbent and soft
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Comes in a neutral pattern (but also comes in many other colorful patterns)
  • Fits inside a provided carrying case
  • 2 sizes are available so even though this one would work for an adult, there’s a bigger one as well
  • Inexpensively sold in single packs or various multi packs
Here’s what I don’t love:
  • If you’re looking for something super plush and cozy, this isn’t it (but I’m very okay with that… this is for regular life stuff, not the spa!)

So while I think everyone should have these come next Summer, they’re the perfect towels to keep in your car year-round  for swim lessons, for during and after sporting events in the rain, walks with a dog who likes to jump into water, and just all the regular life things where a towel comes in handy. Click here for the exact towel I purchased (plus see the other available options).


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