Back to School: Don’t Forget Pediatric Chiropractic Care

January 2023 with Dr. Lyter.

I’ve been waiting to write this post for a long while because I am so passionate about the topic and was afraid I couldn’t do it justice. But, at the end of the day, getting the information out there to the best of my abilities is more important than perfection.

You may or may not know that I have a long history with chiropractic care myself. After getting a 40lb box dropped on the back of my neck in high school, I became well acquainted with chiropractic adjustments. Then as a freshman in college I was in a car accident that changed a lot for me. I began NEEDING to see a chiropractor three times per week, a physical therapist twice a week, and a massage therapist once a week just to really function in life, and thankfully I eventually healed. Post college, I fell in love with a particular chiropractic technique but that’s unimportant in the context of this post. That being said, it did definitely teach me that doing your research and being mindful that all offices and all adjustments are not created equally.

Fast forward to living in California and deciding I didn’t just want to be a patient, I actually wanted to be IN the health industry that I loved so much due to how impactful it had been in my life. So I first started as a chiropractic assistant working directly with patients and eventually ended up managing an office. I say all that not to make the argument that I know it all or that I’m able to give medical advice, but I do have a very close relationship with chiropractic care… and, the care of children.

In the first office I worked my now good friend and doctor, Chris Cucullu, D.C., worked with a baby who literally crawled sideways and more or less dragged one foot when crawling, and within a couple of adjustments she began crawling entirely “normally” and straight. She had had a subluxation — misalignment in the vertebrae —  in her spine causing one side of her body to overcompensate. Without addressing the issue, overtime she might have sustained longterm issues with proper muscle development among other things. In that same office I saw a child who had severe ADHD and dealt with a few other things, become far more calm, able to focus, and less agitated after regular chiropractic adjustments. In another office I can think of a patient who received regular adjustments and her teachers mentioned how she somehow never seemed to catch the illnesses the other kids had at school. I’ve seen many kids who were brought in for chronic constipation or sleep issues, and those were relieved. Of course, over my time working for and with multiple doctors — I’ve lived a lot of places and therefore been lucky enough to find a lot of amazing doctors who I am always happy to recommend — I’ve seen and heard a number of other amazing accounts of children who receive regular chiropractic care… not just for injuries but as a sort of regular maintenance program and for reduction (or complete reversal) in things like earaches, sinus congestion, allergies and colic.

August 2023 with Dr. Lyter.

By the time I had my son I was armed with this knowledge and started getting his spine checked and adjusted as early as four weeks old. When possible, finding a good chiropractic doctor who works with children is so amazing for babies and toddlers because in most births — even C-sections — their little bodies go through a LOT to come into this world. Having a chiropractor check to see if there are any subluxations and adjusting them even as newborns can be so beneficial in their growth and overall health.

But, in my opinion, getting regular checks (like once per month if you can) is AMAZING for all children. Baby E crashes and burns A LOT because, well he’s a toddler and he’s just a rough and tumble kid… so I love taking him because I pretty much always know his spine is not functioning optimally after that last fall/running into the wall/slipping down the stairs/etc. But, outside of the physical benefits, spine/nervous system health is beneficial in other ways too. Did you know an optimally functioning nervous system means a stronger immune system which then means less sicknesses? Did you know that a chiropractic adjustment relieves pressure on the spine and therefore results in better blood and oxygen flow to all systems? Did you know that improved oxygen and blood flow can also improve brain development… you know that big thing they need for learning at school? 🙂 Additionally, there’s a lot of things that are common in teens and adults — such as headaches — but just because something is common doesn’t mean it is normal. If you start your kids early with chiropractic care, they will know what it feels like to have a highly performing body and when something isn’t right they’ll be able to identify it. They’re also less likely to have subluxations that easily return due to the body being basically used to compensating, if they’re regularly ridding their spines of any nerve pressure.

So, I know you had to read a lot to get to the actual benefits in this post, but the ones I shared above are why my little guy has had regular care in every place we’ve lived, and I’m so very grateful for that. He’s one of the healthiest kids I know (and I’m not being biased, he literally has shared water bottles with sick kids and not gotten sick himself, and I can name the number of times he’s been sick on one hand and he’s almost three) and I find it pretty cool that he has no fear of getting his spine checked because it’s happened since he was so young… in fact, any time someone hurts themselves or has a headache he tells me, “we need to go see Dr. Lyter. He will make it better.” 🙂

Get your kids’ spine checked before school starts so they can learn and play with an optimally function nervous system!

P.S. Dr. Lyter is our current provider and he’s amazing and great with Enzo and his antics… in fact, E is a little TOO comfortable if you ask me. Haha.

P.P.S. Once again, I am not a medical provider and this is not medical advice, I’m just a lady on the internet with an opinion. Message me if you’d like to see if I have a recommendation for a doctor where you live!


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