3 tips to streamline school day mornings

I have a preschooler so I can’t claim to have done this for years or know all the secrets, but I wanted to share three things that are working for us in the event the suggestions help your family too!

1. Use a morning checklist

I did not come up with this idea on my own, but it had to be shared. I bought this Board Checklist on Amazon. For about $13 you get two boards, stickers, and extra paper. The boards can be mounted but for us we keep the board with us throughout the morning so Baby E knows what is next in the list of 10 items and can actually move the slider himself. Ultimately, just the routine of getting the things done on the list theoretically will help E use these same steps throughout his life. Because I’m me, I used a label maker to get our “School Day” board ready.

2. Organize outfits for the entire week

This requires prep-work each week but it definitely helps. Have bins, boxes, or baskets that can be organized with clothing ahead of time for the week so that on school mornings there’s no stopping to determine outfits. I even have E pick out what pajamas he wants to wear each day too so that he knows his outfits for the whole day. Because E is only in school 3 days per week, we reserve the bins for school days only… because they’re special days 🙂 Currently I include shoes to complete the outfit but in the future I may not and just use that bin for a heavier jacket, gloves, hat, etc. An extra bin could also be used for clothing/uniforms needed for extracurricular activities. As you can see from the picture, I also have a book in each row, and that has absolutely nothing to do with getting ready in the morning, and everything to do with encouraging reading books that we don’t typically read before bed (E falls in love with certain books and will want them on repeat so this is something new we are trying.)

3. Bathe the night before

A lot of families already do this because kiddos get gross during the day. But, in case you’re one of those families that does showers/baths in the morning… While I personally like to feel fresh in the morning so I get it, I highly suggest having kids bathe in the evening so that’s one less morning step. One influencer I follow was having a really hard time with her daughter before school and actually started having her daughter sleep in the clothing she will wear to school so that’s even less to do in the morning! That’s a bit extreme for me but it could work for your family!

My tips aren’t revolutionary but they’re working for us! Do you have any tips that are working for your family!? Comment below!


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