Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby E!

When they say time flies… it really truly does. So today, on his 3rd birthday, an open love note to my dear Enzo:

My love,

You are all things strong, witty, and intelligent. You’re caring, sweet, and loving. You’re also determined, spirited, and independent (when YOU want to be.) To say I am in complete awe of you is an understatement. I could never have dreamt up a child more my twin AND my biggest challenge. I still look at you and marvel at how stunningly beautiful you are in every single way to me. (The entire parking lot emptied at school pick-up the other day — without me realizing — because I was so busy staring at you with pure gratitude and pride in my heart.) 

I’ll never stop loving our close bond, your mischievous grin, your observant nature, your direct communication, your refusal to appease anyone if it doesn’t feel right to you, and how your body wraps around mine so seamlessly whenever you are in need of a sense of safety and connection. 

There’s not enough words to describe the love I have for you, but know that there really is something so special about a mother’s love, and with that… you will always be my greatest love story.

Love you forever and unconditionally, Mommy

P.S. He will be getting professional photos taken on October 7th this year… a little late, but better than none at all 🙂 In this post I suggest photos a bit earlier!

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