Cute DIY Gift from Kids: Thumbprint Art

I’ve been meaning to share these little pictures Baby E and I made earlier this year, and now as the holidays are upon us, I think now is as good a time as any! I’m told that some people wouldn’t love framed kid art as a gift, but… well I think my family loves it (or I hope they do!)

I can admit that the picture quality of the bottom two photos is TERRIBLE… but I don’t have them anymore as they’ve already been gifted (and these weren’t even all the pictures we gifted!) so these will have to do. Haha

Here’s the cool part about the pictures we made, they were a joint effort so they turned out quite cute and don’t look so obviously like “kid art,” you know, they’re elevated! I also made sure to date the pictures so that we know how old E was for his tiny little thumbprints which is a sweet keepsake. Actually, I was kind of surprised how big his thumbprints were at 2 years old. And, depending on who you’re gifting to, it might be special to have parent and kiddo’s thumbprints together (think gifts for grandparents.)

Details for pictures:
  • Pineapples: the two smaller thumbprints are E’s and mine is in the middle
  • Butterfly: 4 of E’s prints (we also did a butterfly picture with a bigger butterfly made entirely of my prints, and little butterfly made entire of E’s prints)
  • Bee: this one is probably my favorite and required a bit more pen work, but the body is my thumbprint, and the wings are E’s prints

After placing the prints all I did was let them fully dry, then use a black gel pen to complete the art. I ordered some 4″ x 4″ frames on Amazon and the gift was done! They were a hit and the perfect little framed piece to go in a powder room, on a bookshelf, on a nightstand, or on a desk. 🙂

Have you given your kid’s art for birthdays and holidays? If not, make sure your family is the sentimental type and then try some little thumbprint pictures. It was fairly simple and I think turned out very cute!

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