Silhouette Art: The Perfect Keepsake

As you can see, Baby E loves to hold the silhouette pictures (his finger prints are all over the frames.) Because E’s hair was so long in 2022 it is fun to see the huge difference to the 2023 picture.

Like most people, I’ve seen silhouettes “back in the day.” Basically, I remember being a kid and seeing older people having those in their homes and thinking they looked cool but it wasn’t something that seemed to be staying “in style” as I grew up because, well, I didn’t really see them anymore, and I have no memory of any friends or family getting them done either. Although, I do remember doing a silhouette cut-out when I was in school, but it was just a required art project for class… and I can’t say it was great.

Fast forward to Baby E being a one year old and I saw a friend from college post about the company Cut Arts, and I immediately fell in love with the idea of getting a yearly portrait done of E as he grows up. And can I just say, now that I’m an adult I cannot understand why silhouettes art isn’t all the rage these days because they’re just so beautiful and truly timeless… perhaps it is just a lost art form? Very few can do it well? 

Just before E turned two he got his first portrait done, and just before he turned three he got another done. (Of course I wish I had gotten them done as a baby but I didn’t know about it then.) And, I’ll probably get them every year for the rest of forever if he will let me 🙂

Here’s the really cool thing about Cut Arts — and Karl Johnson, the Master Scissor Artist — while in-person events are held all over the country, both of my sessions have been over a 10 minute zoom session in which he takes a few silhouette snap shots of your child — or you! — and then you get to watch him cut the silhouette right before your eyes. VERY impressive.

You can also select add-ons while on the call for things like picture frames and additional copies. For Christmas last year I gifted my grandma the copy of E’s silhouette in a more traditional oval wooden frame as I thought it would be a bit nostalgic for her and she absolutely loved it.

Visit Cut Arts’ website to learn more & schedule your session here.

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