Grateful for an absolute steal on the best mascara

Being that it is Thanksgiving today, I will start by saying that I am so very thankful for my beautiful son, my family, and my friends. I really am so blessed in this life and appreciate you — the reader — for giving me a reason to keep writing at Yes, I know that’s generic but this isn’t my speech at the dinner table, this is a blog post about mascara!

Okay, so I found my absolute favorite mascara some months ago. Truly, the first time I used it from a sample tube, I literally contacted some friends on our group strand to let them know how great it is. By the way, mascara being amazing from a small sample tube is really impressive because I feel like those are almost always more dry and the brushes often aren’t nearly as good as the full-sized products.

Fast forward to a week ago and I finally got my full-sized version and I love it even more (didn’t know that was possible)… so I HAD to share.

Here’s what I love about Monsieur Big Mascara by Lancôme:
  • Pigment is a DARK black
  • Product is very much buildable depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to look
  • Mascara goes on really creamy and fairly thick but not clumpy
  • No flaking even after hours and hours of wear
  • Even after using for months, there was no noticeable difference in the texture of the mascara which I find changes a lot for other mascaras over time
  • Great pricing when purchased at Nordstrom

Ignore how cross-eyed I look… Top left: no mascara, top right: one coat, bottom: two coats… and these pictures don’t even do it justice.

More on the pricing…. this is pretty incredible. So, for one tube the price (even at Nordstrom) is $30. But, at Nordstrom you can get a set of two, full-size tubes for just $35! Only, $5 more?! Amazing. THEN, here’s the really cool piece… because of the Black Friday sale, you get an additional 30% off making two tubes only $24.50. OH. MY. GOD. That deal is too good. I checked some other stores too and didn’t find better pricing!

So, if you’re in need of new mascara, definitely try this one out, and let me know what you think!

I will say, for a lot of things in life I look for the cleaner healthier options, and I can’t say that’s true of this mascara. If that is important to you, this may not be your pick, but for me as someone who doesn’t even wear makeup daily, I’m totally okay with using this product.

P.S. No I do not get any type of commissions from the sale of this mascara.

P.P.S. I have not tried the waterproof version so I cannot speak to that one.


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