Food Tip: the best way to store SOUP

I love Soup Season which runs Fall through Winter in our house.  Last week I shared my Vegetable Soup recipe, but what I didn’t say is how I actually store the soup.  There’s a mason jar craze that is a little odd if you ask me (even if they are cute) but in this case they’re actually super practical. I…


Fall calls for Vegetable Soup!

Nothing quite says FALL like cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and soup! While it is still in the 90s in Northern California right now, I’m very much in the mood for all things “Fall.” I’ve adapted my vegetable soup recipe from many different Pinterest posts I’ve tried over the years. Below is my very own recipe for healthy veggie soup.…


Easy Pancakes… and a little secret, they’re vegan too!

I’ve gone through many phases of my “eating” life.  I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian, etc.  But in all “eating” phases I could eat this simple pancake recipe.  The best part (besides how good they taste) is that most people have these ingredients in their pantry regularly so you can have a delicious breakfast whenever it sounds good!   I…


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