Hand-me-downs for kids: a love language

This post is really a thank-you note/love letter to two specific mom friends who did it before me, and have been gifting me their hand-me-downs ever since. Before Baby E was born, my friend Nikki (who I used to nanny for), offered me a ton of baby items — think toys, baby gates, play mats, a bassinet, etc. — and…


Holiday Tradition: Pom Pom Baths

My original Instagram post about Holiday Pom Pom Baths was on Valentine’s Day 2022. See below. But, I also wanted to add that we’ve gotten a little more fun (now that E is older and since we save Pom Pom Baths for holidays) and add 2 drops of food coloring, glow sticks, plastic animals (Enzo likes to pretend they jump…


Potty Training with Big Little Feelings

Months before we were going to start the Potty Training process, I was looking into different methods and courses. One that kept standing out to me was “Potty Training Made Simple” by Big Little Feelings. I knew of a few moms who used the course with success and I’ve followed the Instagram page for quite some time as well (and…


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