The best portable sound machine

A lot of babies, toddlers, older children, teens, and even adults use sound machines for white noise while sleeping. When babies are born, the quiet of a room can be “deafening” when they’re used to all the sounds of being in their mother’s womb. For children who take daytime naps, putting on background noise can help drown out regular noises…


Who are you grateful for?

Today, Enzo and I got to my aunt’s house at 8:30am and we didn’t leave until this evening. You see, my mom had hip surgery on Monday and my aunt — my mom’s sister — needed me to come help and watch my mom for the day, as she would be gone all day. The day was really like any…


My favorite — free — baby tracking app

I downloaded the app “Newborn Tracker – My Baby” from the App Store, right before Enzo was born, and I’m so glad I did. The app makes it incredibly easy to track your baby’s physical milestones and growth rate, as well as custom events, health, sleep, baths, diapers, moods, foods, etc. If you’ve been following me for a while you…


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