If you’re over 25 you need this supplement

I’ve been taking collagen for years and I’ve tried many different brands, but the latest is my absolute FAVORITE and at last I can quit searching for the next best (as all past products left a little something to be desired!) This collagen — and this brand — is so good that I actually decided to become an advocate for…


Let’s all judge less and appreciate more

I want to start off by saying, my whole reason for writing this particular post is because I’ve transitioned to using a lot more clean and natural products (both in my home and as part of my skincare routine) that I wanted to share with my readers, but because I still admittedly use “dirty” chemical-filled products as well, I was…



I should probably start by saying… I’m not a scientist (obviously!) so this is all information that I’ve read about throughout the years, and it is the reason I drink each of these teas.  However, it is never a bad idea to do your own research.  I’ve tagged the teas I purchase, but I will say I do sometimes switch…


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