You need this wall “art” ASAP

Neon Signage: the piece of “art” your home just might need.  Perhaps the word “art” is a stretch, but there’s no denying the popularity of neon signs in the home… and how frequently the bright — and sometimes colorful — words are taking up sacred wall space generally reserved for more traditional pieces of art.  In recent years the “industrial…


Black is the new Black

Have you ever considered painting your bathroom black?? If so, you’d be right on trend… right about now actually. 🖤 This year bathrooms are quite literally the opposite of what we have grown accustomed to seeing. However, it’s not all changed. Natural light, light colored flooring, clean lines, and white countertops are still just as critical as ever to make…


Let’s get TROPICAL

A trend I can certainly get on board with this year is the addition of tropical elements to the interior décor. Whether it be palm leaf patterned pillows, pineapple vases, leaf prints, large pieces of coral, tropical bird figurines, huge photos from a tropical vacation, pineapple light fixtures, banana leaf wallpaper, a real life palm plant, or even bird-of-paradise linens……


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