Grandma Audrey’s Peaches & Cream Pie

Haroon: “Babe, oh my God this pie is sooo good!” Me: “What are you doing?!” Haroon: “It’s delicious.” Me: “That was for my blog! I wasn’t done taking photos!” Haroon: **stops moving, and slowly looks up from the pie** “Ohhh. I’m sorry.” ● ● ● I grew up eating my grandma’s Peaches & Cream Pie. I remember it being my…


Watermelon Hack

Alright, this is such a random post… but being that it is nearly Summer which obviously means WATERMELON SEASON… I thought I should share this incredible hack that’s changed my watermelon game for life. Now, I’ve only done this with the small — are they called “mini”? — watermelons, but I imagine it could work with most sizes. Simply cut…


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